Drunk Driving Accidents

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that roughly one-third of all fatal car accidents involve a drunk driver, and that about 1% of all American drivers will be arrested for drunk driving each year. Despite the prevalence of this serious problem, simply being hurt by an intoxicated motorist does not guarantee injured parties any form of compensation. If you have been struck by a drunk driver and suffered injury and damages, you have to file a claim yourself in pursuit of justice and financial compensation.

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Can You Sue a Drunk Driver?

If it can be proven through convincing evidence, such as police reports and blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level test results, that the other driver was drunk, you may even be able to pursue punitive damages. Drunk driving is a common example of a crime that can trigger punitive damages in related injury claims.

Forms of Compensation in a Drunk Driving Claim

A court can award punitive damages when the person who is liable for an injury was breaking the law in a way so egregious, it should have been known by that person that the injury of someone would soon follow.

The primary objective of your drunk driving accident claim will be asserting that your injuries were caused by the other driver, not necessarily that that driver was intoxicated at the time of the crash. In focusing on proving liability, you increase the likelihood of getting the compensation you need. Proof of intoxication, however, will certainly help the validity of your claim.

Damages you may be able to collect include:

  • Medical bills
  • Repair costs
  • Lost wages
  • Emotional trauma

California Dram Shop Laws

When a party host or bartender continues to provide alcohol to someone they know will be driving an automobile soon, they could become liable for resulting damages through what is known as dram shop laws. In California, dram shop laws are notoriously restrictive and it is quite rare for a court to use dram shop laws to hold a host or bartender accountable in drunk driving cases. Essentially, there must be hard proof that the person serving the drinks had malicious intent by “over-intoxicating” the patron or guest. If you think dram shop laws could be relevant to your case, let our Fair Oaks personal injury attorneys know, and we can help you determine if that legal avenue will be worth exploring.

Passengers Injured by Drunk Drivers

Many people who are hurt by intoxicated motorists are actually sitting within the same vehicle as the driver. As a passenger willingly riding in the car of a drunk driver, you can still seek damages but you could be found partially liable, especially if there is evidence that suggest you knew absolutely that the driver was drunk. The same can be said if you were actually the person who gave that driver alcoholic beverages.

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