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  • Solid Attorney

    I hired Mark to represent me in a personal injury claim against a large grocery retailer. My case was complicated because I had prior arthritis in both knees but the fall tore my ACL and meniscus. I was living fine with my arthritis but the grocery store attorney made a huge deal about it. I ended up having total knee replacement in both knees. Mark was organized and kept me posted about the case via phone calls, texts and e-mails. He sorted through everything and had specialists who thoroughly reviewed my medical records. I felt comfortable with Mark because he never panicked or at least appeared to panic! He was very reassuring and positive throughout. At the last minute the grocery attorney wanted to negotiate and Mark was firm but fair. I ended up getting a six figure settlement that I was very pleased with. I would highly recommend Mark. He knows what he's doing.

    Oct 21, 2015
  • Talented, Smart Lawyer

    I consult with Mark on a host of personal injury cases and I refer cases to him. He is bright, accessible and talented. If he has any limitations, I am not aware of them. I recommend him to people because I trust him. Mark Swartz is a fine lawyer. If I needed an excellent personal injury attorney, I would have no hesitation to hire him.

    Oct 16, 2015
  • I highly recommend Mark to anyone who is suffering from a personal injury.

    I highly recommend Mark to anyone who is suffering from a personal injury. He is remarkable and very patience. He took the time to listen and call back right away. I'm always in the loop of what was going on about my case at all time.

    Oct 15, 2015
  • Highly Recommended

    I recommend my attorney to anyone suffering from a personal injury. He was easy to get a hold of. I had numerous questions about my case my attorney patiently answered each one. I was always updated on the progress being made in my case. I always felt like I was being told the truth and no sugar coating was being done. I would use him again.

    Jan 22, 2014
  • Outstanding representation

    Mark represented me in a relatively complicated personal injury case. He took the time to listen to my feelings in the matter. He understood the medical complexities and successfully presented the case in a jury trial. I highly recommend him.

    Aug 19, 2013
  • Here is a very good personal injury attorney

    We felt comfortable and confident in Mr Swartz from our very first meeting. He handled our case professionally with honorable ethics. We highly recommend Mark Swartz with knowledge that he will do his best for his Clients.

    Aug 15, 2013
  • Great Attorney, Great Result!

    Mark was my attorney in a personal injury auto accident. I was dealing with the adjuster on the defendant's side and he was very hard to deal with. He would try to bully me to get answers. I hired Mark and he dealt with the adjuster and everything else. I didn't have to do anything! Mark was able to get me the policy limits of the defendant and did it in about 18 months - which is very quick for a personal injury matter. I was very happy with Mr. Swartz and his office.

    Aug 14, 2013
  • Mark Swartz is the greatest personal injury lawyer in California.

    My husband died in a motorcycle wreck about a year ago. He collided with a delivery truck who had made a left turn in his path. Mark did absolutely everything he could to get this insurance company to settle, but the problem was since my husband was speeding, they marked the accident my husband's fault. Mark even took it to other lawyers without taking additional cuts to try to get me a settlement. When they finally did settle for a fraction of the asking price (after Mark tried several times to haggle them up) he dropped his fee by several percent and wrote off the case building costs. He's the most compassionate lawyer I've ever met and he will take care of you.

    Apr 23, 2009

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